Step Into Chinese
Nov 15, 2014:Online version is coming


Step Into Chinese is built around a data structure which contains approximately 26,000 modern Chinese words and concepts, corresponding to approximately 8,300 separate Chinese characters. It allows you to browse by contexts, such as "by English translation" or "by Pinyin morpheme". The frequency - of - occurance of each morpheme is represented with color. The interface is keyboard driven using common (i18n) keys. The screensaver mode is a great way to encounter interesting new words.

Due to recent advances in personal capabilities, i.e. JavaScript, Step Into Chinese will soon be available free and online. No downloads, no installation, platform-independent, more features, etc. There is no exact schedule for completion, but you can see some other similar JavaScript work here.

Watch an old video.

Caption: These 14 images were from a tutorial on the old website. The documentation will be better in the new online version coming soon.
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New Project

``After the initial resistance wore-off an amazing thing happened: My kids started asking me for more reading assignments. If the ArticleReader would have been a MathExercise they would have been asking for more math!''

AutoTeach is the new project from Asymptopia Software. It's designed to teach kids and create jobs developing software to teach kids. Yes, an attempt to achieve true synergy. It also makes kids beg for math. Users and developers needed!

Next Version

StepIntoChinese could be ported from Python to JavaScript and made to run in the browser, just like TuxMathScrabble recently was. The Python version needs work too. Contributors, collaborators and helpers welcome! Please coordinate via the forum.