Le Multiplication Station

Multiplication Station will teach your child to add, subtract and multiply, guaranteed! Both axes have configurable ranges, including negative numbers. This is an ideal and simple candidate for inclusion in our new AutoTeach project.

Showing MultiplicationStation running in demo mode, then interactive (t=2:00). In order to change the settings through the admin interface you need to run the application like this: "python mstation.py -wx" (with the "-wx" flag). That is so that people without wxPython installed can still use the application. To change settings manually just edit the .config file. See documentation for details.

Help wanted!
Here is an old video with no sound.
Broswe code on github.

Multiplication Station can be ported to JavaScript and run in the browser, just like TuxMathScrabble. It would also be nice to eliminate wxPython dependency in the Python version. Contributors, collaborators and helpers welcome! Please coordinate via the forum.