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imilar to the classic word game 'Scrabble', but with unicode support for multiple languages and character sets. The game is currently distributed with eighty-eight (88) dictionary resources for playing Language[i]-Language[j] 'Scrabble'. For example, if configured to use the French-English dictionary, then the distribution of available tiles will be computed based on frequency of occurance of each character of Language[i] (French), and for each submission the corresponding definition will be given in Language[j] (English).

TuxWordSmith is not perfect, but at least it's fun to watch in screensaver mode playing in Greek-Russian. TuxWordSmith could be ported to JavaScript and integrated with the AutoTeach project. This would make a great project for somebody, perhaps even a class! Connect on the forum to discuss any contributions you would like to make. Language translation files also make good projects!