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flexible language-mining tool to assist English speakers seeking to understand Chinese language. Inside is an extensively cross-referenced data structure which allows the user to pursue deeper understanding of contexts. Frequency information relative to the number of occurances of each Pinyin morpheme, in each context throughout the data structure, is displayed for each entry. Flashcards can be created/deleted by F5/F6 keys at any time, and the flashcards, themselves, can be displayed in four different styles.

he application data structure contains over 26,000 modern Chinese words and concepts, corresponding to over 8,300 separate Chinese characters. Colors are used consistently throughout the application for rapid location and absorption of information. Most colors, dimensions and images can be changed through the simple graphical configuration interface. The user interface is keyboard driven, using only the common keys: F1-F12, Home, End, Enter, Backspace, and the arrow keys. A heads-up display showing a color-coded standard keyboard map is readily available for quick key reference. The mouse wheel provides an additional way to scroll through entries.