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"This game really inspired me. I am now on the water polo team because of this game.
Thank you Tux, i hope to have children with you one day." -- Jasmin Banachowski

uxMathScrabble challenges kids to construct compound equations and consider multiple abstract possibilities. On October 15, 2014 Asymptopia Software released a new JavaScript version called TuxMathScrabble-HTML5. The new version runs in any web browser, so downloading and installation are no longer necessary. Tux has a fast new fitting algorithm, so watch out. But why read about it when you can just play it!

symptopia Software has been working on a secret project called AutoTeach. With the AutoTeach credit-meter between your child and the internet you could see wonderful new study habits developing practically overnight. AutoTeach is an original platform to teach kids and create jobs developing software to teach kids. It is a product of both necessity and research with my own children. You could be using AutoTeach right now to prepare your child for the future.

utoTeach has an original business model, too. Subscribers pay $12/month for online tools to build and assign assignments for their children. All subscription money goes directly to developers whose only desire is to develop better teaching tools for the subscribers. In other words it creates a competetive marketplace that rewards teaching effectiveness and innovation This project needs participation to succeed. Please consider participating! Read more ...